Basket woven by Annette Morgan

ONABA Rivercane Festivals


For several years, ONABA members have  planned, and attended yearly gatherings with members from several states.


We process plants after learning about harvesting them.  Weaving materials come from many plants found in Oklahoma, and surrounding states.  The weaving materials include barks, roots, vines, wood splints, rivercane, yucca leaves, and pine needles. Cordage and dye baths are  made from the fibers.


We also share knowledge of weaving techniques.  Teachers have taught techniques including twill designs, double wall wicker, and diagonal doublt wall.


Members present regarding visits to tribes, museums, and cultural centers.  


We think you will find something of interest at our Rivercane Festivals. They are held yearly in October. Locations are in Oklahoma, and are announced in the summer.  



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