Basket woven by Annette Morgan

The mission and purpose of the Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers Association is to preserve, promote and perpetuate traditional basketry and culture of Native American tribes through educational programs in Oklahoma.



Teach members basketry techniques and tribal culture thereby creating and maintaining a functioning network of basketweavers who support one another in their basket weaving activities.


Increase Native American access to public, private and tribal property for gathering traditional basketry resources.


Reintroduce plants and other basketry resources in Oklahoma. Promote awareness of safety for basket weavers through limiting or eliminating pesticides and other chemicals in gathering areas.


Recognize new designs, materials and shapes in basketry and rename or identify lost names of traditional designs, symbols or techniques.



Special thanks to Robin McBride Scott who donated the logo design.  And thanks to Jerry Griffin,  graphic artist, for the final image.

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